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Updating the theme

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I think there’s a new theme version, but I’m not sure on how to update it. Also, will my settings get lost during the process?




Thanks for purchasing!

First things first: you can see your current theme version under Appearance>Themes. You can also check for your plugin versions under Plugins. If you haven’t turned OFF the update notifications on Envato, you will receive an email every time a theme update is released. You can also see the latest theme versions here – inside each thumb you will see the current theme version.

Anyway, here’s how to update the theme in small and easy steps:

  1. Install and activate this plugin
  2. Follow the steps on that page to complete the plugin setup
  3. Then you should see that my theme needs to be updated – click on the update theme
  4. After the theme is updated go to Appearance>Install/Update plugins and select the update option


There’s nothing to worry, because the theme options and all other content will be kept. Finally, on the theme documentation you have more information about theme updates and there are also video tutorials here

Let me know if you still need help with something.

Updating the theme | Pirenko Support


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